4 Diet-Friendly Mexican Dishes

If you are dieting, you may be hesitant to visit a Mexican restaurant. Many people believe that tasty Mexican dishes are always loaded with calories. However, there are multiple Mexican dishes that can be ordered and that do not add inches to your waistline. Here are a few of them: Vegetables with Guacamole Dip Instead of dipping fried tortillas into guacamole, choose sliced vegetables. Guacamole is made primarily of avocados, which are filled with good fats that help lessen the hunger of a dieter, so you won't eat too much later on.

Reason To Buy Chia Seeds

While some people may associate the idea of chia seeds more with chia pets than with food, these seeds pack a real nutritional punch and have a number of uses in the kitchen. You can buy chia seeds online, which may be the cheapest way to get them, but they're also available in the natural foods sections of many major grocery stores. Source of Concentrated Nutrition These tiny seeds are an excellent source of concentrated nutrition.

Some Show-Stopping Ideas For Your Summer Barbecue

Some of summer's best memories may be of the backyard barbecues and parties that bring family and friends together. Make your event a little different by doing something that will awe and surprise your guests. These summertime suggestions don't have to cost a lot of money and are simple to execute. Some summertime show-stoppers for your barbecue are: Create magic with dry ice. Visit a vendor like United City Ice Cube for dry ice to give your barbecue some flair.