Must-Haves For A Wild West Themed Wedding & Reception

Once Upon a Time in the West, The Wild Bunch watched Little Big Man take his Darling Clementine's hand in marriage. After they were Hitched, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon while they rode off in a Stagecoach through the Open Range to The Big Country. Themed weddings are a great way to bring your friends and family together to celebrate your special day. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are Die Hard fans of the Wild West, here are a few must-haves.

Love Tres Leches Cake But Can't Tolerate Dairy? Use Coconut Milk Instead

If you love the sweet taste of tres leches cake but can't tolerate the lactose in whole milk, heavy cream or evaporated milk, try coconut milk instead. Coconut milk is a lactose-free ingredient you can use instead of the dairy ingredients found in Mexican desserts like tres leches. Lactose can irritate your digestive system by causing diarrhea, upset stomach, and gas. Coconut milk adds a unique flavor to your desserts. It also contains valuable nutrients, such as vitamin C and lauric acid, that promote a healthy immune system and other health benefits.

Five Exciting Wedding Food Trends For 2016

Wedding and bridal party gowns aren't the only aspect of modern weddings subject to changing trends -- wedding food fads also ebb and flow with the tide. Following are five of 2016's best food and beverage trends designed to provide unique accents to your upcoming wedding reception! Themed Food Carts Themed food stations, where guests craft their own celebratory meals, are a big part of this year's wedding reception scene. The key to making this succeed is to keep things fresh and simple -- for instance, choose tacos or another easy-to-prepare finger food.

4 Diet-Friendly Mexican Dishes

If you are dieting, you may be hesitant to visit a Mexican restaurant. Many people believe that tasty Mexican dishes are always loaded with calories. However, there are multiple Mexican dishes that can be ordered and that do not add inches to your waistline. Here are a few of them: Vegetables with Guacamole Dip Instead of dipping fried tortillas into guacamole, choose sliced vegetables. Guacamole is made primarily of avocados, which are filled with good fats that help lessen the hunger of a dieter, so you won't eat too much later on.

Reason To Buy Chia Seeds

While some people may associate the idea of chia seeds more with chia pets than with food, these seeds pack a real nutritional punch and have a number of uses in the kitchen. You can buy chia seeds online, which may be the cheapest way to get them, but they're also available in the natural foods sections of many major grocery stores. Source of Concentrated Nutrition These tiny seeds are an excellent source of concentrated nutrition.