Five Exciting Wedding Food Trends For 2016

Wedding and bridal party gowns aren't the only aspect of modern weddings subject to changing trends -- wedding food fads also ebb and flow with the tide. Following are five of 2016's best food and beverage trends designed to provide unique accents to your upcoming wedding reception!

Themed Food Carts

Themed food stations, where guests craft their own celebratory meals, are a big part of this year's wedding reception scene. The key to making this succeed is to keep things fresh and simple -- for instance, choose tacos or another easy-to-prepare finger food. Your local catering company can help you decide on just the right theme for your particular wedding because they'll know what's fresh and in season at the time you plan to tie the knot. 


Midday weddings are enjoying significant popularity this year, and many are featuring brunch-themed receptions. Brunch is a casually festive meal that provides a classy accent without the hefty price tag of a formal evening dinner, making it a great option for those who want to make a sophisticated statement on a budget. Pancake bars, delectable pastries, omelet stations, coffee carts, mimosas, Bloody Marys, and other popular brunch fixtures provide an elegant post-wedding repast for guests and members of the wedding party. 

1920s Motifs 

If fully fledged elegance is your goal, aim for a 1920s ambiance at your reception. Think Great Gatsby-style Champagne cocktails in the garden on a lush summer afternoon. Tea sandwiches crafted from watercress and cucumber are another 1920s accent that works well with garden party receptions. Classic shrimp cocktails, punch fountains featuring ice sculptures, and bite-sized dessert options are other fun 1920s era blasts from the pasts appropriate for serving at a wedding reception. 

Artisan Cocktails 

Once only found in the most up-to-the-moment hipster hangouts, artisan cocktails have escaped that environment and are now flourishing everywhere, including modern wedding receptions. Your catering company will be able to provide a bartender for your occasion who is skilled and knowledgeable in the preparation of artisan cocktails. 

Deconstructed Cakes 

Deconstructed, or naked cakes, are one of this year's hottest wedding cake trends and are ideal for the casual elegant atmospheres of this year's receptions. Naked cakes allow you to showcase delicacies such as seasonal fruits and berries rather than drowning their goodness in piles of sugary frosting. 

Be sure to ask your professional catering service for more ideas on wedding reception food and beverage trends for 2016.