4 Diet-Friendly Mexican Dishes

If you are dieting, you may be hesitant to visit a Mexican restaurant. Many people believe that tasty Mexican dishes are always loaded with calories. However, there are multiple Mexican dishes that can be ordered and that do not add inches to your waistline. Here are a few of them:

Vegetables with Guacamole Dip

Instead of dipping fried tortillas into guacamole, choose sliced vegetables. Guacamole is made primarily of avocados, which are filled with good fats that help lessen the hunger of a dieter, so you won't eat too much later on. In addition, avocados are nutritionally packed with anti-inflammatory substances to promote good health. The added nutrition of cut vegetables can ensure that the Mexican dish is delicious healthy and low in calories.

Lettuce-wrapped Tacos

Often, tacos at a Mexican restaurant are wrapped in fried corn tortilla shells or in white flour tortillas. However,  if you are dieting, you can forgo the extra calories associated with the corn or flour shell. Instead, wrap your tacos in lettuce leaves. You still get all of the flavor of the meat filling without the added carbohydrates and calories of the shell. For additional spice and flavor, add a bit of salsa to your lettuce tacos. The peppers in the salsa can help rev up your metabolism without adding a hefty dose of calories.

Chicken Fajitas

Most people enjoy watching chicken fajitas being served, due to the sizzling sounds and delicious smells associated with the dish. With many dishes, the portions are pre-prepared on the plate. However, with chicken fajitas, you add the amount of vegetables, meat and other toppings to the tortillas yourself. As a result, you can easily control your own dietary portions and even choose to share with friends.

Soft Tacos

Instead of selecting the hard, crunchy taco shells on the menu, choose soft ones. Soft taco shells are baked, but crunchy shells are fried.

The additional calories associated with the oil content of the fried shells can help take your daily calories over your set limit. It is easy to wrap a soft shell around delicious Mexican filling, and although the shells are high in carbohydrates, the portion size is small. In addition, if whole grain shells are used, the fiber content of the shells can help lower the glycemic effects of the food.

To enjoy a delicious, diet-friendly Mexican dish, visit a restaurant that has Mexican food in Tucson Arizona.