Must-Haves For A Wild West Themed Wedding & Reception

Once Upon a Time in the West, The Wild Bunch watched Little Big Man take his Darling Clementine's hand in marriage. After they were Hitched, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon while they rode off in a Stagecoach through the Open Range to The Big Country.

Themed weddings are a great way to bring your friends and family together to celebrate your special day. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are Die Hard fans of the Wild West, here are a few must-haves.


There are many venue options that can give you an authentic feel that will match your themed wedding, such as a rustic chapel or an old barn. If you can't find either of those options in your area, ask the owners of nearby horse boarding if they would be willing to let you use their indoor riding arena for your wedding. If not, consider having your wedding outside in an open field or alongside a babbling brook.


Obviously, a stagecoach is the way to go for your wedding day. Unfortunately, stagecoaches are not a hot commodity item. However, there are reproduction stagecoaches available for hire. Typically, the transportation service ends after the couple has been driven to the wedding. But since it's not that often that people get to experience riding on a stagecoach, consider hiring the stagecoach for an additional hour or two so your reception guests can take turns going for a ride.


The reception should most definitely be catered with BBQ. When you place your order with the catering service, tell them that you are planning a themed wedding so they can be sure to cater to your specific needs of authenticity, right down to the serving utensils and containers.

Of course, every catered menu should include items for friends and family who may have food allergies or intolerance. It's important to know your guests' preferences and health needs when it comes to providing them with food for your reception hoe-down. Since BBQ catering involves a lot of various meats, make sure to get an accurate count of guests who prefer non-meat foods.

The beverages for your reception should also be authentic, but you may want to limit the amount of moonshine that your guests can drink at the reception if they are drinking and driving. It may be a better idea to stick with cactus coolers served in small Mason jars.

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