How To Make A Restaurant-Quality, Rosemary And Red Wine Seasoned Steak At Home

It is possible to make steakhouse quality steak in your own home. It all starts with a great steak. Visit a local butcher, and look for a dry-aged cut with plenty of marbling. Porterhouse, New York strip, and ribeye are all cuts that tend to be tender and succulent. Once you have a great steak in hand, all that's left to do is prepare it. Here's how to prepare your steak in a way that makes it taste like it came from the kitchen of a top-class steakhouse.

Five Dishes To Request At Your Catered Event That Will Appeal To Any Omnivore

If you are hosting or planning a catered affair, it is up to you to choose a menu that will appease a wide-range of appetites. Prevent plant-based eaters from leaving hungry, and serve something hearty enough for your favorite carnivores. Talk with catering experts about tasty dishes and menus that will please any eater or omnivore. Here are five options to request from your event caterer: Quinoa. Quinoa is a complex grain, rich in the amino acids that we all need as part of a healthy diet.

Watching Your Weight? Here's What To Order At A Steakhouse

Getting the opportunity to eat at a steakhouse can make your mouth begin to water long before you arrive, but if you're actively dieting or are simply trying to watch your weight, this isn't a time to overindulge. While you may be daydreaming of a thick piece of marbled prime rib and a gooey bowl of steakhouse-style macaroni and cheese, you should instead set your sights on lighter fare that won't interfere with your diet progress.

Indulging in the Feast of Your Life: 3 Ways Chinese Restaurants Will Cook King Crab

King crabs are absolutely one of the most divine seafoods you can ever eat. The succulent yet sweet meat of the legs will have you craving more. One of the best times to eat king crab is between October and January, and one of the best places to get it from is Chinese restaurants, where it is considered a delicacy and cooked in numerous ways. Upon choosing a king crab that is large enough to fill your party up, ask the kitchen to cook the king crab in the following three ways to get the most out of your experience.

Spouse's Boss Coming To Dinner? Extravagant Food You Can Serve

If your spouse's boss is coming to dinner, you should try to impress them so your boss has a good impression of your spouse. One way to do this is by serving them some extravagant food during the dinner. This will cost you more money, but your spouse will likely appreciate it. Below are two foods you may want to consider. Caviar Caviar is salted roe and sturgeon or non-sturgeon fish eggs.