Integrate A Coffee Bar Into Your Next Party

Plan on offering guests a coffee bar the next time you entertain or host a party. Coffee bars are self-serve stations that allow visitors to brew, prepare, and customize their cup with a variety of clever add-ins and condiments. A coffee bar is a party feature that is trendy and that guests will talk about later.


A wide-range of flavored k-cups is the perfect way to keep your guests' content and keep your coffee bar tidy. Buy a sampler pack, found widely, and serve a variety of flavors, roasts, and beans to make it easy for guests to customize their coffee or try something new. Arrange on a carousel, on a tray, or in a drawer, depending on your distinct station.


A kitchen cart, bar, or island makes the perfect platform for your coffee station; this is a good time to pull out the cute cups, coordinating saucers, and freshly-polished spoons. When arranging your coffee bar, ask yourself what you would need to prepare the perfect cup of coffee? These are the things you will want to supply for your guests.


Add a little kitsch and whimsy with some decorative elements. Think about ways that you can decorate with whole beans; fill jars with whole coffee beans and nest tea lights inside. The warmth of the candle will exude a warm coffee scent in the air.


Coffee and chocolate pair perfectly so give your guests something sweet with homemade chocolate dipped spoons; these are easy to make and perfect for your coffee bar. You may also wrap the coated-end of each spoon with cellophane or a plastic bag to give to guests to take home.


If you really want to make your coffee bar special, invest in flavored syrups- just like the barista uses. Fill pump-style containers with each syrup, like vanilla, hazelnut, or peppermint, and line them up at your coffee station.


If you are hosting a brunch or shower, consider buying a variety of individual liqueur nips for guests to spike their coffee, and some popular options include raspberry liqueur, Irish cream, and brandy. Make sure to provide swizzle-sticks or stirrers for your guests nearby.

A coffee bar is an excellent feature for a party, of any kind. The self-serve station creates a casual vibe that will make your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Use these tips to set up your own coffee bar at your next gathering! For more information about Keurig k-cups flavors, contact your local coffee shop.