Five Dishes To Request At Your Catered Event That Will Appeal To Any Omnivore

If you are hosting or planning a catered affair, it is up to you to choose a menu that will appease a wide-range of appetites. Prevent plant-based eaters from leaving hungry, and serve something hearty enough for your favorite carnivores. Talk with catering experts about tasty dishes and menus that will please any eater or omnivore.

Here are five options to request from your event caterer:

Quinoa. Quinoa is a complex grain, rich in the amino acids that we all need as part of a healthy diet. These pearl-shaped grains will take on the flavors of whatever you cook them with or serve alongside, so consider using quinoa for a distinctive, invigorating pasta salad that guests will gobble-up! Fresh veggies, greens, and a citrus dressing will give your chilled quinoa a fresh, summery flavor!

Fresh fruit pizza. Instead of sugar-laden desserts, talk with caterers about creating something delicious and nutritious--like a fresh fruit pizza! The crust of your pizza can be made with a simple mixture of oats, maple syrup, ground almonds, and cinnamon, which is pressed on your pan. Top with slices of fresh fruit and berries; serve with a side drizzle of Greek yoghurt for some added protein for guests that imbibe in dairy products.

Whole grain pasta. Whole grain pasta is filling and nutritious, and practically everyone enjoys a bowl of pasta! Serve with a meatless marinara sauce and fresh basil leaves for a delicious, comforting entrée that will have your guests coming back for more!

Sprouted breads. If you plan on serving sandwiches at your spread, consider using sprouted grain bread. These breads are completely plant-based, yet have the same texture and taste of typical sandwich-style breads. Ask your caterer to check health food stores or specialty grocers for different types of sprouted breads, rolls, and buns for your event.

Curry. Another great dish for your catered function is curry. Curry is made with coconut milk, which is non-dairy, so plant-based eaters or people with lactose sensitivities can enjoy it. Serve alongside a chafing dish of rice for guests to use to sop-up the delicious, rich sauce which is chock-full of veggies. Even meat-eaters won't miss chicken in this delicious and spicy main dish!

Provide people attending your event with foods that all will enjoy, whether they eat meat or plants. Talk with your caterer about simple options that will be tasty, while leaving your guests feeling satisfied and healthy. Suggest these five dishes to your event planner or caterer when working out your own event menu.