Watching Your Weight? Here's What To Order At A Steakhouse

Getting the opportunity to eat at a steakhouse can make your mouth begin to water long before you arrive, but if you're actively dieting or are simply trying to watch your weight, this isn't a time to overindulge. While you may be daydreaming of a thick piece of marbled prime rib and a gooey bowl of steakhouse-style macaroni and cheese, you should instead set your sights on lighter fare that won't interfere with your diet progress. There are plenty of healthy options to consider at the steakhouse, and you won't have to sacrifice taste. Here are some things to think about ordering.

Keep Your Beverage Choice Simple

While you may crave a beer or a soda to wash down your steak, keep things simple by asking for a glass of water. Or, if you want something with a little more appeal, some carbonated water. These drinks don't contain any calories, carbohydrates, or sugar, and are thus ideal for keeping your diet progress on track. Plus, they won't fill you up in the same manner as other drinks, limiting your ability to enjoy the food in front of you.

Order A Lean Cut Of Steak

As you peruse the menu at the steakhouse, it's important to gravitate toward the lean cuts of steak — of which there should be many. Tenderloin and flank steak, for example, are known for being lean. You'll want to stay away from the richer cuts, which include the rib eye steak. Even though you're dining at a steakhouse, there's no harm in expanding your horizons and trying something different. Poultry, for example, is extremely lean, while fish is high in good fats.

Opt For A Healthy Side Dish

You need to be sure to order a side dish that isn't too rich. There are several suitable choices at most steakhouses. Roasted or boiled vegetables are a healthy choice, provided that they're served plain instead of covered in a rich sauce. If you have your heart set on a baked potato, order it plain instead of having it topped with butter, cheese and bacon. Stay away from things such as onion rings and French fries. Salad can also be a healthy choice, provided that you take the right approach. A garden salad is generally better than a Caesar salad, as the latter contains bacon and croutons. Just be sure to ask for a light dressing — a homemade blend of olive oil and vinegar is tasty and healthy.