Indulging in the Feast of Your Life: 3 Ways Chinese Restaurants Will Cook King Crab

King crabs are absolutely one of the most divine seafoods you can ever eat. The succulent yet sweet meat of the legs will have you craving more. One of the best times to eat king crab is between October and January, and one of the best places to get it from is Chinese restaurants, where it is considered a delicacy and cooked in numerous ways. Upon choosing a king crab that is large enough to fill your party up, ask the kitchen to cook the king crab in the following three ways to get the most out of your experience.

Steam the Legs with Garlic Sauce

You really don't need anything extra when you're eating king crab. The meat is sweet and succulent enough that you want to enjoy it as it is without any unnecessary additions. This is where steaming the legs in garlic sauce comes in. The garlic sauce adds a relatively mild garlic flavor to the legs that only enhances the sweetness of the meat. Most Chinese restaurants will chop each segment of the legs in half so that you can easily eat the king crab meat using a fork. The garlic sauce and the juices from the meat will settle within the shell.

Deep Fry the Meat at the Joints

While the meat at the legs is easy to get to if you steam it, the meat at the joints are not as easy. As the meat there isn't contained within the shell, there's no point in steaming it in garlic sauce, as the sauce won't have anywhere but the plate to settle. As a result, you'll get greater joy from the dining experience if you deep fry the meat at the joints instead. There's nothing more delicious than biting into a crunchy exterior that wraps around the soft and sweet meat inside.

Fill the Head with Fried Rice and Bake It

While most other types of restaurants normally discard the head, most Chinese restaurants will offer to wrap up your meal with fried rice baked in the head of the king crab. The restaurants will incorporate the tomalley, or some of the organs, of the king crab into the fried rice in the form of a sauce, which gives the rice a unique and delicate taste. What's in the fried rice will vary from restaurant to restaurant. Still, the addition of the tomalley is the highlight of this dish.


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