Spouse's Boss Coming To Dinner? Extravagant Food You Can Serve

If your spouse's boss is coming to dinner, you should try to impress them so your boss has a good impression of your spouse. One way to do this is by serving them some extravagant food during the dinner. This will cost you more money, but your spouse will likely appreciate it. Below are two foods you may want to consider.


Caviar is salted roe and sturgeon or non-sturgeon fish eggs. If you purchase caviar and it has other ingredients in it, then it is not true caviar. Even if your spouse's boss has never had caviar, they will likely want to try this delicacy.

Caviar needs to be served cold and never warm. Because of this, you should serve it inside a very cold crystal glass over a bed of ice crystals.  Along with the caviar, serve some white bread or pastry bread that is lightly spread with butter. Some people like caviar on top of a cracker.

Serve approximately a tablespoon of caviar onto each dish. If this is the first time your spouse's boss has had caviar, they will only want to try it in small bites at a time, as it can be an acquired taste. Serve the caviar before your main course.

Because you likely do not have this delicacy readily available to you, you can buy caviar online from different retailers. They will ship the caviar to your home so that it is fresh and ready to serve when you take it out of its packaging.

Beef Wellington

Beef wellington is another option you have. It is made with a tender meat, usually filet mignon. Whole grain mustard is rubbed onto the filet mignon, and then covered with duxelles, which are mushrooms that have been made into a paste, and then wrapped in a pastry. It is then lavished with demi-glaze gravy. It is perfect for special occasions.

This is not difficult to make, but you can quickly ruin it if you overcook the meat and/or the pastry. The wellington is baked until the pastry is crisp and the meat is a medium-rare. You can find many beef wellington recipes online or you may find it in some recipe books.

Along with the beef wellington, you can serve a hot vegetable side dish, such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, green beans, or asparagus. Small red potatoes also go well with this dish, or you could serve rice pilaf or a simple risotto.

These are just two elegant dishes you can serve your spouse's boss. Look through some recipe books or recipes online for other dishes.