Six Restaurant Tools That Any Home-Cook Will Want In Their Own Kitchen

If you spend any time in your kitchen, there are a few culinary tools that you definitely need. These items may be found in some high-end kitchen stores, but are most readily available at a restaurant supply vendor or site.

Six culinary tools that home-cooks should get at a restaurant supply store are as follows: 

  1. A potato ricer. A potato ricer is a clever kitchen implement that forces chunks of cooked potatoes and other foods through holes that are about the size of a grain of rice. This is not an easy item to find in retail venues, but is usually stocked in restaurant supply stores. A ricer gives dishes like mashed potatoes a nice texture and consistency that other tools don't produce.
  2. A rasp. A rasp looks like a very large nail-file and is used to zest citrus, grate nutmeg, or shave cheese for your favorite dishes and recipes. These are not expensive, but might be difficult to find widely unless you visit a restaurant supply venue.
  3. A cloche. A cloche is a stainless steel cover that you can use to cover plates to keep warm. Furthermore, a cloche is stylish and brings an elegant air to the table. 
  4. A popover pan. A popover pan is another item to look for when shopping. These cast-iron pans resemble a very deep muffin pan, but are intended for the light, airy popovers that rise quite high when baked. These will impress guests, and many may never have eaten a popover before!
  5. A trifle dish. While you may be able to find a trifle dish at some retailers or consignment stores, a restaurant supply vendor will likely have a wider selection. A trifle is a dish that consists of layers of ingredients, often sweet, though this versatile pedestaled dish can be used for a lot of varied uses. Consider using it on the table for a floating rose-bowl or use it for layered dips, desserts, and dishes for an elegant look.
  6. A wine aerator. If you entertain, you may serve wine; aerating wine is something that few people think to do, but that impacts the flavor and body of the wine. An aerator will do this for you, oxygenating the wine to peak flavor as you pour. These are commonly found in restaurant supply stores as it is a popular item purchased by restaurants and wait staff.

Enhance your cooking and hone your culinary skills with the right tools. Visit a restaurant supplier to find these six gems that any home-cook should have in their kitchen!